Meet Karin and Nikki

Karin and Nikki met in 2016 when they were seated across from each other at a Women’s Top Talent program, while working at a large corporation. They hit it off instantly because they had very similar jobs in different divisions of the company and they were both moms. Their lives have taken different turns, especially after leaving that common company, but they stayed connected.


Now they’ve joined up as professional coaches and are collaborating to offer women the unique support they need. They have successfully paved their own way, on their own terms, as coaches and want to bring their expertise and life experience to enrich the lives of others. They know when women support other women – everyone wins!


Karin Freeland

Karin is no stranger to the challenges of balancing work and life. She spent 15 years at Fortune 500 companies in high-pressure leadership roles, before deciding to make a change and dedicate her life to supporting women.


Karin is also a certified Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach, focused on helping women achieve their dreams. Through her signature EDIT Your Life™ methodology, she gives women all the tools and techniques needed to conquer fears and make lasting change.    


Karin is married with two boys and resides in Northern, NJ with their Puggle, Peanut.  

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Nikki Stapp Craumer

Nikki left her corporate career to focus on finding more balance, advancing her career on her terms, while having a family, and chose to focus on making a difference in women's lives. 


Nikki built a marketing consulting business called Iconik Market Group and is also a certified Life Coach. She also started a blog for fellow mothers, called MotheringMommy and is dedicated to helping women find more joy and purpose in their day-to-day life.


Nikki is married and has two young children, a son and daughter who keep her busy and provide a lot of material for her blog MotheringMommy.