Mother's Day Feelings

At G.A.L. Talk we honor moms, especially as moms, and we celebrate us today, but we also celebrate moms every day! We talk about being superheroes, keeping our families and the world going...all the time! We are strong, smart, incredible humans who take on so much, but it's not always easy and we're tired a lot.

First of all, Thank You Moms! Our moms, all of our mom friends, and all of you who are moms out there. We want to honor moms by acknowledging the work we do and all that we accomplish. We give it our all, physically, mentally, emotionally day after day. On Mother's Day, we want you to feel good about all that you do. Especially if no one else will, we give ourselves permission to sit, to be still, say "no", ask for help, and not feel bad about it. Let's give that gift to ourselves this Mother's Day.

Some questions to ask, as you celebrate this Mother's Day:

  • Can we take time for ourselves and not feel bad about it?

  • Can we tone "it" down ("it" being the plans, activities, play dates, house chores, family time, friends, and work) and still feel joy and fulfillment?

  • Can we regroup and recharge knowing that a better and more rested "me" will make a better "mom" to my family?

We are hopeful you put yourself first, have a joyful and peaceful Mother's Day and really take care of YOU today...and every day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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